PLAYlogo.pd: top-level control patch

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There are 8 sound channels, corresponding to each of the 8 circles in the logo. In addition, there are some pragmatic controls for visual elements such as the width of the "disc circles" and the scale of the visuals, and global audio controls. There are two ramps, the first is used to drive the sound swell and the brightening of the line and 8 circles, the second is used to brighten the 'PLAY' text and fade out the entire sound. And there is a stereo output block with some echo and feedback FX, a compressor, and some audio monitors, as well as a Fourier analysis block.

Quite a bit for one simple logo with short sound ! And well worth it, as it was always conceived as an educational demonstration for posting online here as a gallery tutorial. And many of the abstraction are reusable. Let's look briefly now at some of the subpatches, starting with the visual ones ...

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