19: ANZLIC 2019 «snippet» text extracts about acquisition and creation of physical assets

We shift the trail topic now to interpret as SysML and then simulate this text from the ANZLIC 2019 source document: [util:box_info_link1_ref{2722,,ANZLIC-2019}]
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We'll only look briefly at the case of "acquiring" an existing physical asset be incorporating it into the Webel Twin Pattern for SysML; our main focus shall be "manifesting" (building or otherwise creating ) a new physical asset, using information in a pre-existing digital entity as a kind of design and construction template.

In both cases, the Webel Twin Pattern for SysML uses a special PotentialPhysicalAsset block as a tracker for acquisition (integration) of an existing physical asset and for manifestation (creation) of a new physical asset.

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