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[ARCHIVAL] The Drancing accelerometer sensor suit "air instrument"

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The Drancing system was a sensor suit with embedded triaxial accelerometers developed by Dr Darren Kelly from 1996 to 2005 for creation of music and computer visuals using real-time synthesis of signals from dance movement and other body motion (gestures) and triggering of samples. The name Drancing originally meant "drumming-by-dancing".

The original Drancing accelerometer sensor suit "air instrument" (1996 - 2005) used 5 triaxial accelerometers in a "body star" pattern.
The technology behind the Drancing project has since been superseded by wireless technology in combination with mobile micro-controllers. Please visit instead: The Drancel motion-driven real-time synthesis "atom".
DranceWare versions

The original synthesis, control, and visualisation software called DranceWare was Java™-based. This was superseded by 2008 by a version using PureData/GEM running on a MacBook Pro.

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