ARCHIVAL (2014): This content is now considered historical only!

R&D: Drupal CMS developers web site with UML PHP models [Drupal7]

Drupal CMS technical web site development, object-oriented PHP programmer, UML graphical software architect
Drupal™ CMS technology assessment for Webel IT Australia.
Developed an educational Drupal7 site with tutorials and modules demonstrating the Drupal 7 custom module development API, and a unique object-oriented PHP bridge module Object-Oriented Examples (OOE) for Drupal7, which aims to demonstrate “one of each” of the capabilities of the Drupal7 module, form, and theme APIs. Includes unique graphical Unified Modeling Language (UML®) models of the OOE module’s object-oriented PHP code and of the Drupal7 architecture. Includes reviews and demos of many useful Drupal7 contributed modules, and a wealth of information on Drupal™-related web development topics.
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