Webel: SysML: Electronics: DO NOT represent a jack/socket as a dumb proxy. Imagine it can introduce some signal noise or other effect (such as buzz) to test it is a physical model.

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Use a standard port (but not behavioral) or a full port (which is constrained to not be behavioral).

The fact that it "could" buzz is nature giving you an important hint that it is NOT acting like a pure software proxy delegate! It might seem like a good idea at first to represent a copper or fibre wire from "behind" a jack/socket as a SysML BindingConnector between external an interior (proxied) Ports. It isn't.

This is to be the subject of a mini tutorial
Until then, see that image of a good ol' 3.5" stereo headphone jack? See those three pins at the back? When you wire it up in the real world, those pins at the back are wired up to a component inside the device somewhere. Do the same in SysML! Model it as having Ports on the inside-facing part of a non-behavioral standard Port or FullPort.
If you find yourself doing such multi-channel wiring identically across the system, consider using an AssociationBlock with the SysML ParticipantProperty to encapsulate and easily reuse the wiring recipe.
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